Meet the President & Founder

Amelia               Meadows


Amelia is the mom behind the vision using her experiences, challenges, and passion to help moms rock motherhood while also becoming the best version of themselves.

Amelia is a wife and a mother of 3 beautiful, inquisitive, and adventurous children. She is currently pursuing her master’s in Business Management. She is an educator, visionary, author, life coach, and mompreneur, who is navigating the daily balance of faith, family, and career.

In Her Words

While riding on the roller-coaster of motherhood, a few years ago, I found myself with a lot of questions, challenges and concerns. Many times, I felt alone, frustrated, and sometimes embarrassed. I had this fantasy of what being a mommy would be like. I imagined all the blissful moments and, happy faces. I just knew that I would be the best and that “S” on my chest would come with ease. I mean I knew there would be a few struggles but nothing like this. I quickly learned that motherhood was not the beautiful fairy tale I dreamt of.

Yes, I had a lot of blissful moments, but I also had just as many nights of tears.

Yes, I had days filled with happy faces, but I also had days filled with hard challenges and struggles that made me feel like a failure.

I quickly learned that, this was not a job I could do alone. I needed help, advice and guidance. But, because, I felt that Moms are supposed to know it all, I was embarrassed to ask. I was afraid that I would be judged or labeled inadequate of being a mother and that I was admitting that I was a failure.

One day I was sitting amongst a group of other moms and while I was listening to their conversation, I realized I was not alone in the struggle. They too had questions and feared to asked them. So, God gave me a nudge to create a community for moms to unite and become a tribe that each other could lean on for empowerment and support. 

The Mom Tribe, which was formerly known as M.E3.M., Inc is dedicated to creating a safe space for moms to unite and create a support system for one another. From sharing recipes and life hacks to empowering each other in our many endeavors of life, The Mom Tribe is here to be a mom-friend for you.